Our Beer Lineup

Hoppy Collie focus on a regular lineup of exceptional beers, as well as one-off, experiments, and specials.

Our Regular Lineup: American Pale Ale, Bitter, Blonde, Common

Brewed with a combination of US and UK techniques and materials, Hoppy Collie ExPat beers are reserved and brash, sensitive and exuberant. Made for everyday drinking, the ExPat line balances malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness. Pair with a meal, or just a good conversation.

Special and BETA Brews: various and many

We love to brew, and experimentation with brewing methods, technology, and ingredients is part of every brewday. Special brewings are established beers, offered on an irregular basis, like our American Empire Imperial IPA, Inebriation Espresso Imperial Coffee Stout, and Banana Republic Banana Wheat Beer. BETA beers are one-off experiments to develop new styles, rediscover lost classics, or play with non-traditional ingredients. BETA beers, when they turn out, are offered both on draft and by the bottle.