Wedding Ales

Having custom beer on tap at your wedding is a great way to mark the day. We usually recommend one to three different beers so your guests have a range of beers to try. A typical example might be:

  • Kolsh or California Common, for those that prefer a lighter beer
  • Pale Ale or ESB, for those who like a ‘standard’ beer
  • Porter or Stout, for people who like darker beers

Wedding ales can be drawn from our normal beer line-up, or can be designed to your requirement. Please note that most fermentation takes approximately a month, so if you are interested in multiple custom beers we need to make sure there is production space.

Beer is normally supplied in 20L cornie kegs, complete with the appropriate plumbing for dispense. We can also supply in one-way kegs, rent full bar units, and provide a bartender (complete with license, if required). It’s your day, and we’ll work to make sure you get what you want.

Interested? Drop us a line.