Custom Craft Beer

Do you want a beer made for an occasion? Our small-run brewery is ideal for making something just for you!

We are happy to work with you on a recipe, or to suggest one based on your choice of style or ingredients. And you can be as involved as you like in brewday. Our goal is to make the beer that you want!

Some events are especially important, and for those we offer complete packages:

  • Majority Ales — Historically brewed for the birth of a child, these are robust ales designed to age for 18+ years. Our production process includes counter-filled bottling, so you can enjoy an occasional bottle.
  • Wedding Ales — Having your own beer on tap for your wedding is a great way to celebrate! We can offer our regular line-ups, any special beers, and of course can work to produce your own craft beer. We usually recommend one to three different beers so your guests have a range of beers to try.

It’s also possible to get your beer served in one of our partner pubs (subject to their agreement). Please contact us for more information.