Majority Ales

Historically brewed for the birth of a child, these are robust ales designed to age for 18+ years. They are brewed with ABV in excess of 10% and with a plethora of hops. On bottling, they resemble many of the Imperial styles (our favourite is a British-American fusion IIPA). The strong alcohol content means that these beers age well, even if hop aromas reduce over time.

Our first batch of majority ale was produced in 2012-2013, and is still drinking well today. We brew majority ales as first running of a parti-gyle batch, typically with a mild or small beer as second running. They are bottled and the caps are sealed with wax to minimise oxidation.

As with all our custom craft beer, customers are welcome to be as involved as they like, from beer design, through the brew day, and onto packaging.

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