Hoppy Collie Brewery

Keg beer has a bad reputation in the UK. Bland, fizzy, a drink for hooligans and alcoholics. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Craft keg beer sparked a microbrewery revolution in the United States some twenty years ago. Typified by West Coast style ales, California, Oregon, and Washington state brewers showed that there was a lot more to American beer than Budweiser, Coors, and Miller. We owe a lot to Sierra Nevada, Redhook, and Samuel Adams for doing something bold and different. Hoppy Collie want to do the same.

In Britain, there are more than 800 microbreweries today, but most concentrate on real ale. Real ale is a wonderful thing: full of life, a joy to drink. But it is not suited to all styles; some beers are better suited to keg than cask.

Hoppy Collie beer combines West Coast and British styles to produce something new, and delicious. Try our beer — we’re sure you’ll agree.