Month: June 2012

  • Hoppy Collie 1 BBL Pilot Brewery Delivered!

    Yesterday we took possession of our 1 BBL pilot brewery. Without any further ado (and with Viola for size comparison): It’s not a big plant, at 165 litres per batch, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We’re still working on suppliers, council paperwork, and waiting for some finishing on […]

  • Brewing Resources (and a hint at EXCELLENT news)

    Although I’m young in my brewing experience, I’m old enough to know that many, many people are much more experienced than I am. I’m making good beer, mind you, but there’s always someone who knows more than I do. So, for those that like to brew, here are some resources I highly recommend: Books to […]

  • Brewlab Start Up Brewing Course is Full of Awesome

    I spent last week up in Sunderland at Brewlab doing the start up brewing three day course, with an additional practical day at the High House Farm Brewery. The sun woke me up before five every morning, and the nights wore on… a bit. But somehow each morning was better and better; exhaustion blunted by […]